71 Regent’s Park Road: Charles Clapshaw and Co. Cricket Bats


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2013 Patisserie (under renovation?) History: FRUITERER Henry Perry 1855 This was probably the first fruiterer in the area. FRUITERER  George Chandler  1859 CRICKET BAT & STUMP MANUFACTURERS  Charles Clapshaw & Co.       1860-70 This seems an unlikely craft for the area, though Lord’s … Continue reading

Chalking the Pavement: 41 Chalcot Road


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2013 Outside Caterer History: TAILOR  William Wellington 1868-81 BOOTMAKER  Charles Hill  1889 PAINTER James Mann 1895 CORN DEALER William More  1901-22 “  Ernest Sewell 1929  TAILOR  Leonard Solender  1935-60  Mr Solender sometimes gave a local small boy a piece of his special chalk to mark out his hopscotch. … Continue reading

79 Regent’s Park Road: Brown’s Wool Shop


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 2013 Vegetarian Restaurant History: TOBACCONIST Miss Mary Ann Savage  1869 WATCHMAKER George Dovey 1875-95  LADIES HAIRDRESSER ”    George Ashby  1895-1900 ”    Bollas Sarnowski  1905 ”    Paul Heinzelmann 1910-15 ”    William Langley    1920-25 ”    John Arie Boss     1930-50 … Continue reading

81 Regent’s Park Road : Minsky’s and the Rialto


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2013 Primrose Hill Gallery (Arts) / Under renovation History: STATIONER Frederick Cherry 1868 The Victorian middle classes used a great deal of paper. They wrote frequent letters or notes to neighbours, and received postal deliveries several times a day.They also frequently commissioned … Continue reading