43 Chalcot Road: Mr Puddyfoot’s Paraffin Pump

2013 Hardware Stores (under same name since 1972 and as a hardware stores or oilman since at least 1881)


Like 156 Regent’s Park Road (until 2010), this shop has remained much the same since it opened, apart from a brief spell as a grocer in the 1870s. 

43 Chalcot Road

Thompson’s, 1972

  • OILMAN James Thorn 1868

This was the first oilman in Primrose Hill.

  • GROCER Albert Wythe 1871-75
  • OILMAN Frederick Wythe 1881
  • ” Richard Welsh 1889-1929
  • ” William Welsh 1930-40

A Mr Puddyfoot had a pump outside for paraffin which never used to work. He also delivered from house to house in his van, and householders took a can into the street for it to be filled.

  • ” Thompson’s Stores 1950
  • ” Thompson’s Household Stores 1955-70
  • HARDWARE Thompson’s 1972p
  • ” Mercury Stores 1976 -present