The Former St Pancras Borough Library: 109 Regent’s Park Road

2013 Charity shop


For nearly eighty years the shop alternated between related trades:

  • CONFECTIONER  1870-95
109 Model Bakery

Model Bakery c1905-07


  • BAKER 1900-05
  • CONFECTIONER 1910-45
  • PUBLIC LIBRARY Borough of St Pancras  1947-61

    Living and Giving

    2013 Mary’s Living and Giving Shop

In 1947 the bakery premises were converted to accommodate Chalk Farm Public Library. There were two rooms of books. Two tickets were issued, only one of which could be used for fiction. The Library remained there until 1961, when it moved to its present purpose-built quarters in Sharpleshall Street. A shopping terrace was demolished to clear the site for it. A local campaign saved it from closure in 1998.

 109library 1947Until 2000 ‘HOVIS’ could still be seen painted on the brickwork high up on the north facade.

  •  FURNITURE MANUFACTURER Custom Designed Furniture 1965

    Ron Weldon 1972

    Ron Weldon 1972

  •  ANTIQUES           Ron Weldon                         1970-80
  • TEXTILE RETAILER Ian Mankin Natural Fabrics 1983 – ?
  • 2013 SAVE THE CHILDREN Mary’s Living and Giving Shop
1972 'Hovis'

1972 ‘Hovis’