107 Regent’s Park Road: The first bookseller in Primrose Hill

2013 Estate Agent


  • BOOKSELLER  Alfred Holmes 1872

    107.tif col

    Bookseller & Stationer
    Fancy goods warehouse

This was the first bookseller in Primrose Hill.

  • BOOKSELLER      Frederick Ehn   1875
  • HAIRDRESSER    Emile Delasalle 1880-85

This was the first hairdresser in Regent’s Park Road.

  • STATIONER  Harvey Simpson 1890
  •        ”               Hugh Neale        1895-1900
  •       ”                Ernest Wood      1890-1905
  •  LIBRARY       Woods Library and Stationers      1910-45

Commercial libraries, where readers paid a subscription for a borrowing ticket, made books available to those who could not afford to buy them.This one was replaced by the public library which opened next door at 109 in 1947.

Wood’s Library published postcards, and an elderly local resident remembers buying lead soldiers from the stationer. ‘Fancy goods’ must have included toys.

  •  STATIONERS Stacey Ltd. 1950-55
  •  PRINTER William Winser  1957
  •  INSURANCE BROKER  Robert Austin 1960-75
  •  DELICATESSEN Charcuterie  1975-80

1972 – Directory says Insurance Broker

The delicatessen was on the raised ground floor, and various firms occupied the basement:

  •  AIR CONDITIONING Belair 1980-90
  • ESTATE AGENT Chalcots 1983
107Chalcots crd

1986 Estate Agent

  •  IMPORT/EXPORT 1990s

 In the mid-1990s this was all glazed in.

  •  FILM COMPANY Huge Films  2000
  •  ESTATE AGENT Regent’s Park Property Services 1992-?, Sandfords 2013