105 Regent’s Park Road: Lunch for Famous Actors

2013 Bathroom Showroom

  • CHEMIST  Isaac Bailey 1870-91

The first chemist had opened at 69 Regent’s Park Road in 1860, but lasted only until about 1869.

  • ”   Isaac Bailey 1872
105 Sirota_.tif col

S.Sirota c1905-07 Mantles, costumes, skirts(?), capes

  • ”   Matthew Taylor 1880

The Regent’s Park Road post office has moved several times. It started at 162 in 1870, moved over the road to 105 in 1872 (when Isaac Bailey added ‘post office’ to his activities as a chemist), stayed here for about 25 years, moved back to 162 in about 1900, then finally settled at 91 in about 1915.


  • Arthur Thompson 1880-95

Some time between 1910 and 1915 Thompson moved, complete with the post office, to 91, its present location.

  •  CLOTHES [no entry in Directory]  S.Sirota  1905-07
  •  FRUITERER  George Manzi  1920-40 
  • AMUSEMENT MACHINE MANUFACTURERS Regent Automatic Supply 1950-60

This is an example of the light industry which flourished here during the 1950s. For more on no. 105, see the story of a member of the Manzi family here.

  • RESTAURANT  Alla Marinella  1965-80

    105 Alla M'a.cr'd

    Alla Marinella, 1972

There were rehearsal rooms in the former chapel of the Boys’ Home at 109a-d. These were used in the 1960s by the Hampstead Theatre for TV and West End productions, so this restaurant was often full of famous actors at lunchtime.103 next door had been an eating place for nearly a hundred years. It closed when Alla Marinella opened, so the latter may have hastened its closure, and picked up some of its clientele.

  • BATHROOM FITTINGS Traditional Bathrooms      1991
  • BATHROOM FITTINGS CP Hart  1992-present
105 Regent's Park Road






CP Hart have had a showroom near Waterloo station since 1970, but in 1992 opened this additional branch here. They now also have a premises in Gloucester Avenue.