Sewells and Patels: 42 Chalcot Road

Ceramics Shop / Design Studio 2013


This was a dairy/food shop from when it first opened in 1868 until Nisha closed in 2001.

  • DAIRY  John Cole 1868-75
  •  PROVISION DEALER    Joseph Frodsham 1881

    42 Chalcot Road

    Alliance, 1972

  •  DAIRY  Henry Sharp 1889
  •    Charles Roberts     1895-1920
  •    Bertie Sewell          1922-35

This dairy was run by two brothers, B. and E. Sewell. Their red-and-gold exterior shop name was uncovered in 2005 by builders. It now hangs in Primrose Hill Community Centre, the former piano factory, in Fitzroy Road.

   executors of B.S. 1940-55

   Mrs Mabel Sewell  1957

 GROCER Robert Bird 1960

   J. Haskins (also at 44)  1965

   J. Driver 1970

Mr Driver ran it more as a delicatessen than as a grocer, and the shop was divided into a front and back room.

  R. Wadhwani 1967-1977

Mr & Mrs Wadhwani ran the shop for ten years and changed the name to ‘Alliance’ in 1972. They converted the Drivers’ two-rooms into one, and continued selling kippers, smoked haddock, salamis and boiled ham.

FOODSTORES  Alliance 1972-77



The Wadhwanis let the store to a Mr & Mrs Patel on a 20-year lease. These Patels sold to a second Patel couple.

GROCERS Jay Food Stores               1986

MINIMARKET  Nisha Stores  1996-2001

Unoccupied for a while around 2005, then : 

Capitol Ceramics 2006-present