The Primrose Bakery: 69 Gloucester Avenue

2013 Bakery / Coffee Shop


  • CHEMIST Frederick Lovebrand 1861

    69 Gloucester Avenue 1972

    Grocer 1972

  •    William W. Rhind   1868-1905
  •    William Y. Rhind    1910
  •  ARTISTS’ COLORMAN   1922-50
  •  GROCERS Alexander & Brother 1965-72

This was run by an elderly Greek couple, who sold to a  Sicilian family.Cold meats used to hang in the window.

  •  PARTY SHOP Partymad 1986

 Partymad expanded into here from no. 67.

  •  FASHION COMPANY  French & Teage Ltd                 & 1647 Ltd. 1991-2006

 Outsize women’s clothes.


  •  PRIMROSE BAKERY and Coffee Shop 2013 (which featured in Harry Enfield’s Polish Cafe sketch)

We have received a message from the Meli family who used to run the grocery:

We sold everything –  grocers,  deli. I should explain that cold means news papers hanging outside the window toys sandwiches hot soups etc it was great times the electricity shop next door we called them Aunty Elise & Uncle Norman.  There was a young guy Ken,  then next door to that was the tailor shop my Sister’s Godfather Adam run it with his brother Michelo and the next shop was a sweet shop and the corner shop was the BBC costume shop. I  met a few celebrities including John Alderton, Pauline Collins etc plus David Essex lived round the corner too … great days!