Trojka As Was: 101 Regent’s Park Road

2013 Café


  • GROCER Thomas & John Edwards 1872
  • ” Joseph Parker 1880-85

    99-101 Regent's Park Road 1905-07

    Shirley and Barnard c1905-07 (centre, girl in yellow dress is standing outside)

Victorian grocers sold basic foodstuffs for cooking at home (flour, salt, sugar, tea etc.) which were needed in the larder and could be stored without refrigeration.Grocers were very skilled retailers, as they had to know how much of each commodity to order, where to obtain it, how best to store it. Goods were not pre-packed but until the 1890s came in large sacks and chests and had to be weighed out.

GROCER Mrs Elizabeth Hunter 1890-1900

By 1900 the popularity of manufactured goods such as jams, pickles, gravy powders etc. boosted the trade of small grocers.

  • GROCER William Barnard 1905-25
  • ” Pitts Stores Ltd. 1930-65

During World War II grocers had a difficult time because of food rationing. They had to register their customers and count their coupons for sugar, jam, tea etc.

101 Unwins

1972 Unwins Off Licence

A big change in the pattern of food shopping came in the 1950s with the wide availability of domestic refrigerators. In the 1960s the spread of large supermarkets led to the closure of many small grocers.

  • WINE & SPIRIT MERCHANT Unwins Ltd 1970-85
  • Primrose Brasserie 1992-99
  • Trojka 1999-2012
  • Greenberry Café 2013

    Trojka about 2000

    Trojka, about 1999-2000