93 Regent’s Park Road: Sweet Rationing

2013 (since 1972 ) Kitchen Utensils Shop


  • GREENGROCER Montague Murray 1870

    93 Regent's Park Road

    1972 Richard Dare (to the right of Pharmacy)

  • FRUITERER Richard Porter 1880-85
  • CONFECTIONER 1890-95
  • Misses Amelia & Emma Parkins
  • Robert Russell 1900-15

Confectioners sold loose sweets, sometimes individually wrapped, weighed out by the ounce from large glass jars. Some also sold small cakes and crystallised fruits.

  • CONFECTIONER Charles Levy 1920-40

This confectioner is remembered for his ‘high class chocolates’, rationed during the war.

  • CONFECTIONER H. Philips 1945-65

Wartime shortages led to sweets being rationed in July 1942. When they were de-rationed in April 1949 the shops quickly ran out of stock and sweets were hastily re-rationed. It was not until February 1953 that sweet rationing was finally abolished.

Confectioners increasingly functioned as tobacconists and newsagents also.

  • HOUSE FURNISHERS Town House 1970
  • KITCHEN UTENSILS     Richard Dare  1972-present