81 Regent’s Park Road : Minsky’s and the Rialto

2013 Primrose Hill Gallery (Arts) / Under renovation


  • STATIONER Frederick Cherry 1868
81Rialto cr'd

1972 Rialto bookshop

The Victorian middle classes used a great deal of paper. They wrote frequent letters or notes to neighbours, and received postal deliveries several times a day.They also frequently commissioned printing: for calling cards, and for announcements of births, marriages and deaths in their large families, with black-bordered paper or card for mourning. 

A stationer was among the very first shops to open in the street.

  • BOOTMAKER Charles Hill 1875
  • FISHMONGER Thomas Ball 1880
  • ” James Porter 1883-8
  • ”  Mrs Lucy North 1889
  • PROVISION DEALER  Clements Billig 1890
  • CONFECTIONER Miss Isabella Isaac 1895
  • ” Miss Emily Mansfield 1900-10
  • ” Arthur Chapman    1915-30
  • ” Mrs Mary Chapman 1930-35
  •  DINING ROOMS  Alfred Shephard 1940

Food in restaurants was not rationed during the war and because only richer people ever ate out, this was said to favour them.In 1942 the government responded by limiting the price of meals to five shillings, with only one main course allowed per person.

Bread counted as a course.

  • CAFÉ  Mrs Emily Wiber  1945
  • GREENGROCER   Henry Goldsmith 1950-60
  • SECOND-HAND BOOKSELLERS Rialto Books 1965-75

There have been several booksellers in the road.

  • ART DEALER Minsky’s Sculpture Gallery   1980-85
  • 81 Regent's Park Road, 1986

    1986 Minsky’s Gallery

    PRINT GALLERY  Primrose Hill Gallery    1989-present