77 Regent’s Park Road: Bicycles and Bloomers

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1972 A. Deubelbeiss
Dagenite Battery Service
& Raybestos Brake and Clutch Service

This is the smallest shop in the street, but there was a sizeable yard behind, making the premises convenient for combined occupation: a small trade fronting the street, and some form of workshop behind.

  •  BUILDER Thomas Berrill   1868
  •  IRONMONGER  Jasper Plowman 1870
  •  FARRIER George Palmer  1870
  •  UNDERTAKER  Charles Wilcox 1875

Given the high mortality rate, there was probably no shortage of business. People generally died at home. The undertaker would visit and measure the body, then arrive a few days later with the coffin and horse-driven hearse to conduct the funeral.

  •  BUILDERS  Thos.R. Berrill & Son 1885


    Yard, 1983

  •  BOOTMAKER  Charles Kettle 1890
  •  BICYCLE MAKER George Smith 1895

From about 1890 bicycles were becoming very popular, though they were not cheap. Women cycled also; Amelia Bloomer invented her eponymous garment in the 1850s.

    •  TAILOR  Israel Honigman   1900
    • CAB PROPRIETORS  Heignev & Martin 1900
    • COACH BUILDER Henry James 1900
    • BOOTMAKERS    Herbert Slater & co.1910
    • COACH BUILDER Charles Connolly 1910
    • CAR BATTERY ASSEMBLY SERVICE  A. Deubelbeiss  1920-80

Deubelbeiss, 1986

  •  ANTIQUES 1994

Sometime in the mid-1990s the area behind became ‘Mayfair Mews’. There are now four private homes there.

  • FLORIST  Fitzroy’s 1993 – present