Camp Cowkeeper: 75 Regent’s Park Road

2013 Women’s clothes shop


This building, cottagey-looking in comparison with its neighbours, was built as a pub before the main retail development began.

Primrose Tavern

‘April 24 Sunday afternoon Primrose Tavern, Chalk Farm’
(undated, c. 1846-53)
by Percy Cruickshank

  • PUB The Primrose Tavern      c.1846-1853

This little tavern was short-lived. Apparently its clients were ‘the roughest sort of people’, but it was popular. Surprisingly it closed down in 1853, just when it might have attracted the trade of the Chalk Farm Tavern, its closest rival, which was completely demolished in that same year.

  • COW-KEEPER George Camp  1857-60
75 PH Antiques

Primrose Hill Antiques, 1972

75 started up as a cowkeeper in 1857 when 59 closed.

  • COW-KEEPER  Mrs Mary Camp 1863-65
  • ”   Henry Clutten  1868-70
  • DAIRY [various]   1875-1905

The cows went, and in 1881 this became

  • The West London Dairy Company Ltd.
  •  SCHOOL  St Mary’s School 1885

In 1885, when the dairy probably fronted the street, 75 also housed a school, which must have been in one of the buildings behind. Presumably it was connected to the church in Primrose Hill Road, which was consecrated in 1885.

  • GREENGROCER   Angelo Romano  1910
  • FRUITERER   Guiseppe Anastasio 1915

Frederick & Miss Alice Muschamp

  • WINDOW BLIND MAKER Frederick Muschamp     1925

    Newsagent, Confectioner 1966

    Newsagent, Confectioner 1966

  •  CONFECTIONER  [various] with (? behind)     1940-65
  • CARPENTER         [various]  1935-50
  •  ANTIQUES           Primrose Hill Antiques  1972
  •  WOMEN’S CLOTHES September Ladies’ Fashions 1980
  •  WOMEN’S CLOTHES Pamela Shiffer      1996-present

The area at the back is now a patio, and the first floor is part of a house which is reached through the passage at the side.