The Mini Centre: 69 Regent’s Park Road

2013 Betting Shop (since 1986)


  • SURGEON   Morgan O’Connor  1857-59
  •  CHEMIST   George Barker       1860-63
Mini Centre 69 Regent's Park Road

Mini Centre 1972

This was the first chemist in the road. Barker was probably what is today called a  ‘pharmacist’. The 1861 census reads ‘Lic. Apoth. Hall’. 

  •  CHEMIST  William Hall 1864-65

It was the chemist at 146, opened in 1869, which was to become long-established, lasting until the late 1980s.

  •  LINENDRAPER [at least 4 names]  1869-1915

Drapers sold fabrics by the yard, for clothing and for furnishings. Sometimes they also stocked a small selection of such ready-made goods as gloves, stockings, millinery and sometimes shoes.

Occupant Edward Newbold is shown by the 1871 census as having had four resident assistants.

  • LINENDRAPER  John Green 1920-45

A local resident remembers her mother buying her a pair of white gloves there, for one shilling and sixpence; without them she was not allowed to go swimming with her class at Haverstock Central School.

  •  FLORIST Freda’s Flowers 1950-55
  • FRUITERER John Clifford   1955-59
  •  MOTOR CAR DEALERS H.M. Autos 1960-65
69 Regent's Park Road

Falcon Motor Co., 1986

Parking and servicing were easy in the 1960s, when there were at least six car-related premises in Regent’s Park Road – about as many as there had been a hundred years earlier connected with horse transport.

  •  CAR DEALERS Regent Automobile Sales  1970
  •  ”  Regent’s Park Mini Centre 1972
  •  ”  Falcon Motor Co.        1980-85
  • BETTING SHOP Stanley Racing   1986-at least 2006
  • BETTING SHOP William Hill 2013

There had been a betting shop in Princess Road in the 1970s.