Coffee, Gramophone Records and Furs: 65 Regent’s Park Road

2013 Sheepskin and Leather Shop


  • COFFEE ROOMS William Boulter  1856

These were the first coffee rooms in Regent’s Park Road. Those at 103 lasted nearly a hundred years.65Gale cr'd

  •  COFFEE ROOMS John Beale  1858

In the 18th century coffee houses were respectable places for men to socialise, read newspapers and do business.By mid-Victorian times, coffee was no longer a luxury product, and was even sold from street stalls.

  •  COFFEE ROOMS Thomas Thomas  1861-72

The CENSUS of 1861 records: –  

  • Thomas R. Thomas, head, married, 60,coffee house keeper;
  • Ann Thomas, wife, married, 61,
  • Mary Bird, lodger, widowed, 40, laundress.

Apparently the Thomases had no resident staff, but they may have had daily – or nightly – help. Hours were very long.They would have served beer as well as coffee, and perhaps cheap ‘meat-and-two-veg.’ lunches.

  •  CORNDEALER   George Leggett 1895-1900
  • William Leggett  1875-90 

From 1863-1880 a William Leggett is listed as a cab proprietor in St George’s Mews. 

  • HAIRDRESSER Franz Stengelhofen       1905-15
  • MERCHANTS  B.& A. Trading Co. & The Amalgamated Soaps Co. 1920

    65Gale crd

    Gale Furs, 1983

  •  HOSPITAL FOR ANIMALS 1925-30 Edward Gatfield, MRCVS
  •  BOOT REPAIRERS    [at least 6 different men] 1935-65
  • DRESS DESIGNERS   James Mancur Ltd
  • 1970
  • GRAMOPHONE RECORD DEALERS James Mancur Ltd 1972   Mancur would have dealt in 33 rpm ‘long-playing’ records.
  • FURRIER Susan Gale 1972-83
  • SHEEPSKIN & LEATHER SHOP   Gale  1984-present