63 Regent’s Park Road: ‘Engaged about Animals’

2013 Hamster Therapist


  • PRIVATE HOUSE      Edmund Foster Esq.       1856-57

    63 Regent's Park Road 1966


  • HOUSE AGENT   George Squires 1858

This is perhaps the first estate agent in Primrose Hill.

  • BUILDER  Nicholas Egan  1860
  • CARVER & GILDER   Joseph Cale 1870
  • SADDLER Henry Bull 1875-80

Most of the local mews contained stables, cab proprietors, and coach builders, but they were not attached to particular houses. Only a few of the earliest houses in Primrose Hill were built with their own corresponding mews houses, for it soon became clear to the developers that the area would not be grand enough for the carriage-owning class.

63Shampoo crd (2)

Shampoo, 1986

  • SADDLER Alma Howard 1885-90
  •  ” Walter Reeder 1895-1925
  •    ” Samuel Marshall  1930-35
  • LEATHER GOODS DEALER Miss Phyllis Reed 1935-45

Miss Reed seems to have made a probably necessary transition into general leather goods.

Horse transport in London started to die out in the 1910s. Hackney cabs were gradually replaced by motorised ones, and from 1901 horse-drawn cabs gave way to electrified ones. The last local horse tram, the line from Hampstead to Euston, stopped in 1913.

  • BUILDERS Langton’s  1950-55
  • WATCHMAKER  A.G. Truluck  1960-65
  • ANTIQUES  Keulamann   1969

In about 1970 she moved her business to 154.

  • ANTIQUES  K. Petley 1970-74
  • ART GALLERY Nathalie Stern Ltd 1975
  • HAIRDRESSER Shampoo 1980-present