61 Regent’s Park Road: ‘Chester Cottage’

2013 Supermarket


  • PRIVATE HOUSE: ‘Chester Cottage’:

    59-61 Regent's Park Road

    Regent’s Park Garage, 1972

  •   James Hall Esq. 1855-61
  •   Mrs Hall  1863
  •   Henry Heath, artist 1855-58
  •   Sidney de Saumarez   retired army officer 1871

The 1849 Parish Map shows an isolated building towards the back of the site of present 61. This building was presumably the Chester Cottage inhabited by the above.

From 1865-75 there are no entries in the Directory for this address, possibly an indication of when Chester Cottage was demolished to make way for the present building.

  • PHOTOGRAPHER      John Rogers                 1880-85

For centuries only the aristocracy could afford to have a good portrait painted, so the novel medium of photography was popular with the new bourgeoisie who sought the respectability conferred by a portrait.Early professional photographers nearly all specialised in portraits. A popular format was visiting card size, 2 x 3 inches.

PHOTOGRAPHERS Frederick Haines & Co.1890

Regent's Park Road, 59-67


1895-1935 For these forty years there is no entry in the Post Office Directory for this property. This does not mean that it was empty, but could merely be an indication that the business had another address elsewhere, that no form was returned for its entry, or that there was a clerical error.

  •  GARAGE Regent’s Park Garage 1940-45

From 1945 this garage also occupied no. 59, sharing 61 with Bucknell’s Builders from 1955-75.

[Since about 1960 there have been offices on the first floor, listed as 61a.]

  • GARAGE Regent’s Park Garage 1975-90
  •  SUPERMARKET  Shepherd’s  1993-present