59 Regent’s Park Road: the ‘Inventor of Do-It-Yourself’

2013 Supermarket


  • COWKEEPER & DAIRYMAN  Francis Hatten 1855-57
Regent's Park Road, 59-67

Regent’s Park Garage, 1966

Hatten was the first cowkeeper in this road. He might have grazed his cows in the fields behind.When he closed in 1857 another cowkeeper opened at 75.

Because there were no fridges, milk could not be stored.Victorian dairies delivered milk twice a day to local households, and also sold it direct from the stalls to people who brought their own jugs.

  •  PAINTER, PLUMBER etc. Philip Capon   1858-75

The area was still under construction, so there would have been plenty of local work for plumbers and decorators.

  • HOUSE DECORATOR Philip Capon 1883-91
  • ”   Robert Bucknell 1895-1900
59-61garage cr'd

Regent’s Park Garage, 1972

  • BUILDERS Robert Bucknell & Son 1905-1930
  • GARAGE  Bucknell’s 1935-40
  • GARAGE Regent’s Park Garage Co. 1945-92

In 1945, 59 and 61 were combined to form a large car-servicing area, reaching behind over the area on which new offices were built in (?) 2003.

  • SUPERMARKET   Shepherd’s       1993-present