Granny Hedgehog’s Fancy Knitwear: 55 Regent’s Park Road

2013 Interior Design Shop


  • GROCER Elizabeth Neville & Son(s) 1855-75
  • ”  John Evans 1880
  • ”  Thomas Hind 1885
  • ”  Thomas Butler 1890-1900
  • ”  Mrs Mary Butler 1905-35

A widow often carried on a business after her husband died, and it looks as if this may have been the case with the couples Butler and Rogers.

  • GROCER Frank Rogers 1940-45
  • ”  Mrs Elizabeth Rogers 1950-60
51-67 Regent's Park Road, 1972

51-67 Regent’s Park Road, 1972

People remember Mrs Rogers in the 1960s, only just managing on her own, with the shop very poorly stocked.This grocer had lasted 100 years. The Kyriacous found a pair of extremely old scales when they moved in upstairs in the 1960s and let the shop below to Mrs Donovan.

  •  WOOL SHOP Mrs Donovan   1960
  • HABERDASHERY   Kay’s 1963-81

The proprietor’s correct name was Mrs Kyriacou.
The shop sold a full range of haberdashery.

  • CHILDREN’S CLOTHES & TOYS  Tiger Moth   1981-83   Tiger Moth also had a branch in Portobello Road. They sold items like bright stripey baby clothes, unusual tin toys etc.  
  • FANCY KNITWEAR  Granny Hedgehog  1983 –86
  • 55Granny Hed.KNITWEAR Mrs Courtney Harris 1986-c.99 The shop specialised in hand-knitted Arran sweaters.
  • ANTIQUES Putnam’s 1990-92 Putnam’s sold small items, especially blue/white crockery.
  • INTERIOR DESIGN Blanchard Interiors
  • 1992-97   DRESS SHOP Miranda Pothecary
  • 1997-98   INTERIOR DESIGN Blanchard Interiors  1998-present