The Mews: 53 Regent’s Park Road

No. 53 is the entrance to St. George’s Mews.


Over the years the accommodation over the entrance appears to have been home to various artisans who had workshops or stables behind in the mews.

  •  LIVERY STABLES     Frederick Fince  1855


    The Mews, 1983

  •  Retired architect         Joseph Pickman 1861

For a few years no one is registered as living in 53, but in the mews were:

  •  LIVERY STABLES    John Wiffen  1865
  • CAB PROPRIETOR  William Leggett 1865
  • GAS FITTER  John Watkins   1865
  • CARPENTER James Sells    1865
  • CAB PROPRIETOR  William Vince 1865
  • FARRIER James Leggett  1871-80
  • VETERINARY SURGEON James Leggett 1890-1915

 Has James Leggett undergone more training, or is this a new, smarter name for his activity??

After 1920, 53 more or less disappears from the Directory.