51 Chalcot Road: A New Spirit of Conservation

 Aristotle Holdings, 2013 (since 2004)

 History : 

  • GREENGROCER               Robert Empson               1871
  •                                          Henry Faulkner               1875
  •                                          George Brown                 1881
  •                                          James Stone                   1889
  •                                          Frederick Woolhead       1895  
  • DAIRYMAN                        James Griffiths                  1901
  •                                          Griffiths Bros.                  1922-60 

Griffith’s had a bottling plant for milk, and the old thick glass bottles could be watched as they rolled along in metal channels.

  • DAIRY                                Express Dairy Co. Ltd. 1965
51 Chalcot Road

51 Chalcot Road in about 1972

  • HOUSING ASSOCIATION Circle 33                    1970s

In about 1970 there was a scheme to demolish the whole north side of Chalcot Road between Fitzroy and Princess Roads. The buildings were owned by the Greater London Council, which planned to replace them with several blocks of 4-6 storey flats.

The 1960s had witnessed a great deal of demolition, and in the early ‘70s there was a new spirit of conservation.The Primrose Hill Conservation Area Advisory Committee was established in 1972. Eventually the shopping terrace was saved, as were the facades of the houses between Manley and Calvert Streets.

Circle 33 managed the redevelopment of the new flats, maisonettes and houses built behind the Victorian façade.


This is a befriending service for housebound elderly people. It now operates from Chalk Farm Library where it also offers a small information centre.

  • HOUSING ASSOCIATION Infill Housing Association
  •  PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT COMPANY 2004-present  Aristotle Holdings