50 Chalcot Road: Pain’s Refreshment Rooms

Jeremy Bass, Estate Agents 2013, since 2000


  • REFRESHMENT ROOMS   Thomas Pain           1871-75
  •  PORK BUTCHER                Henry Walsingham 1881-1901

Specialised pork butchers had existed since medieval times, but became really popular in Britain when German refugee butchers brought their skills here after the 1880s. (In the trade, the Germans are still regarded as the best pork butchers.)

  •     William Gaunt  1905 
  • ”   Reading Bros.  1922-45

This butcher had its own small abattoir in the back yard. A resident who has lived in Chalcot Road since 1928 said his family never used to go there because it was too

Hutchings Butcher's, 1972

Hutchings Butcher’s, 1972

dear.They had milk, bread and eggs delivered by the Co-op, and used to buy all their other food in Inverness Street market.

  • BUTCHER     L. Hutchings                & Son  1950-70
  •        Hutchings  1972-1980

Mr Hutchings had trained at Harrod’s.

  • DENTAL SURGEON & GALLERY  B. Benson                       Chalcot Gallery                1986
  • ESTATE AGENT             Jeremy Bass      2000-present