49 Chalcot Road: ‘The Chalcot Café’

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49 Chalcot Road

Chalcot Café, 1972

From 1945 to 1960 this was a popular and busy working men’s cafe, run by Mrs Grace Gibbs, used particularly by railway workers. Later on it was a Café (pictured here in 1972) and then a bistro, so until the the Millennium this premises had been an eating place of one sort or another for much of its life, in the last century at least.








  • BOOTMAKER                John Ross               1871-75
  • CONFECTIONER           Henry Foulkes        1881
  •                                      Joseph White          1889
  •                                      Douglas Percy        1895
  •                                      Miss Mary Cavill      1901-10
  •                                      Miss Ellen Cowley   1922-40
  • REFRESHMENT ROOMS  Mrs Grace Gibbs  1945-60
  • CAFÉ                             W.B. Connor           1965-72
  •                                      Chalcot Cafe           1972

The old Chalcot Café sign was revealed when the shop was being refurbished in about 2000.

Chalcot Cafe

  • RESTAURANT                Chalcot’s Bistro          1980-86

Chalcot’s Bistro was run by a former architect, and was furnished with wooden tables and old church pews.

It later became a more expensive French restaurant, with linen tablecloths.

  • LETTING AGENT           Paul Lee            2001-present