166 Regent’s Park Road : The First Estate Agent?

Estate Agent, 2013 (since 2000)

166 Regent's Park Road

Primrose Hill and the Regent’s Park Road area were almost completely developed by about 1875. Some of the larger houses were purchased on long leases as family homes. However the early estate agents such as Ekins and Broderick, who occupied no. 166 around that time were perhaps also involved in advertising and letting rooms in the many multi-occupation houses. A hundred years later 166 was again in the same use: picture shows an estate agent there in 1972. 

History :

  • JUVENILE OUTFITTER Miss Clara Foley 1871-72
  • ESTATE AGENTS Ekins & Broderick 1874
  • ” William Broderick 1880-1900
  • BOOT MAKER Charles Harrison 1910-25
  • 1955-60
  • BUTCHER Henry Jacobs 1965

English butchers cut meat quite roughly across eg. a leg. Continental butchers practise ‘seam cutting’ which is more anatomical, following the line of the muscles and muscle groups. The meat is sold oven-ready, with lard already tied round it, frills on chop bones etc., and is therefore more expensive.

By 1972 this shop reverted to its original 1875 use:

  • ESTATE AGENTS Jeffrey Rothner 1975-85 (pictured below)
  • ” PKL Ltd 1990
  • ” Philllips, Kay & Lewis 1995
  • ” John D. Wood 2000-present166Rothner