33 Princess Road : Wagstaff’s Sweetshop

This private house was once a shop. In the ‘forties and ‘fifties it was a sweetshop run by a William Wagstaff, and remembered with affection by people who went to Primrose Hill School. The shop made its own ice-cream, and a former pupil remembers being sent with a pudding basin to fetch some to take home. It sold sherbet dabs, pretend tobacco, bags of popcorn. Someone remembers particularly the stick jaw toffee which had to be hammered off the block.


  • SURGEON Frederick Oughton 1865-71
  • HABERDASHER Cornelius de Coster 1875
  • LINENDRAPER Thomas Herbert 1881
  • COW-KEEPERS Jones Brothers 1889
  • CONFECTIONER William Chatterton 1895
  • ” Ernest Fry 1901
  • ” Mrs Annie Thomas 1905-30
  • ” Miss Marie Thomas 1935
  • CONFECTIONER William Wagstaff 1940-60

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