164 Regent’s Park Road: National Bread and ‘Difficult Boys’

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Bread was the mainstay carbohydrate for the poor, along with potatoes when they were available. Men would take a chunk of bread with them to work, and if they were regular and good customers, the pub near work was sometimes willing to heat up their own chop to go with it.

Bakery has always been hard work, starting in the early hours of the morning in order to offer fresh bread and rolls for sale for breakfast.

BAKER (at least 10 different proprietors)     1870-1970

  •  Henry Tapscott      1870
  • Charles Gregory                        1875
  • Edwin Moore                   1880-1920
  • Stanley Restorick                      1925
  • Arthur Talbot    1930
  • Robert Trueman                        1935
  • William Titcomb                          1940
  • Orchant’s Bakeries Lt .              1950
  •  Stanley Press                           1955
  •  Arthur Worth                             1960-70

For a while there was a tutorial college above Worth’s specialising in ‘difficult boys’.

Some local people would have worked at the ABC Bakeries which operated in Camden Road from 1891, and in a purpose 1891, and in a large purpose-built factory there from 1924-1982.

During World War II, bread was not rationed though the only loaf officially available was an unpopular rough brown one, made from wholewheat flour, called National Bread. Post-war shortages made rationing necessary from 1946-48.

The big oven is still underneath the pavement because it has proved too difficult to move it out.

  • ANTIQUES           Arts & Flowers                    1972-80
  • WINE SHIPPERS  Robert Kihl                         1980-95
  • HOUSEHOLD OBJECTS AND CLOTHES        Graham & Green 1994-present

Graham & Green also have a shop in the King’s Road.