96 Gloucester Avenue: The Amusements Business

2013 (since 1986) Keys and Locksmiths


  • MILLINER Misses Anne & Emily Roome 1868

    96 Gloucester Avenue

    Doidge Amusements, 1972

  • Charles Humphreyson 1871
  • GROCER George Browell 1875
  • CHANDLER Alexander Seath 1881-89
  • GREENGROCER William Buckland 1901
  • ” John Morgan 1905
  • ” William Birbeck 1910-35

The present owner guessed this had been a greengrocer because he found some old spiked price labels under the floorboards in the 1980s.

  • CIRCULATING LIBRARY Herbert Crane 1940
  • UPHOLSTERER Sidney Carnt 1950
  • ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS Doidge (Amusements) Ltd  1970-72

Doidge owned and rented out fruit machines, pin tables and juke boxes. Mr Doidge was born in Edis Street (then called Eton Street) and among his childhood memories (1930s) was a goat tethered on a strip of grass in Fitzroy Road, alongside 129 Gloucester Avenue.

  • KEY CUTTING F.J.C. Doidge 1980
  • LOCKSMITHS Keys Galore 1986 – present

The present occupant is the son of the man who ran Doidge Amusements.He remembers when he still had shops as neighbours:

No.92 was a barber until the 1980s
94 ?
98 was a grocer until the 1980s
100 was a newsagent until the late 1970s/early 80s.

Keys Galore 2013