154 Regent’s Park Road: Stripping in the Street

2013 Winebar / provisions shop


CONFECTIONER  Mrs Frances Smith            1870

JUNIOR BOOTMAKER Charles Ellis               1875-80

The hundred or so boys in the Boys’ Home at 109-119 might have provided custom.

158,156,154 Regent's Park Road

158-154 in 1972

BOOTMAKER  William Saunders                            1885-90

” Robert Turner     1895-1900

” Herbert Bould      1905-20

DAIRYMAN Charles Downham  1925

”  George Corbett    1930-60

Corbett used to talk about how difficult his business was during rationing. He could cut cheese exactly to the ounce.

  •  ANTIQUES Keulamann 1970-75

Keulamann had started at 63 in the late 1960s. The owner often went off to auctions, and would bring back painted pine furniture which she stripped in the street.                                    

  •  RESTAURANT Lemonia (Greek) 1979-92

In 1992 Lemonia moved over the road to 89, the site of the old Chalk Farm Tavern.

154 remained, but under a new name:

  • RESTAURANT      Limani (Greek)            1992_?
  •   Negozio Classica winebar / deli with a Tuscan theme 2013