150 Regent’s Park Road: The Price of Gentrification?

Hairdresser 2013 (since 2000)


  • TAILOR John Barker 1870-71
  • IRONMONGER Henry Prickett 1873-81
  • ” William Gill & Co. 1885-90
150 Regent's Park Road

Wright Allison, 1972

This shop probably differed from the oilman two doors away at 156 in that it may have sold items like door handles and knobs, perhaps also pots and pans.

  • FURRIER Thomas Bynon 1900-10
  • ” Gustave Weiss 1915
  • MILLINER Mrs Harriet Binet 1925
  • ” Madame Marlette 1929

They may not have been French: it was the custom for milliners to take French names.

  • TOBACCONIST William Brown 1935
  • CYCLE AGENTS Sun Radio Ltd 1940
  • WIRELESS ENGINEERS Sun Radio Ltd 1950-57

For several years Sun Radio were also at 148.They apparently dealt with both bicycles and wirelesses.

  • UPHOLSTERERS & FURNISHING Wright Allison 1965-80

This is one of the small craft workshops which remained in the area until about the 1980s. There were many of them in the 1960s when council rates were comparatively low, and the lodgers in the many bedsitters had little spending power.

150 Regent's Park Road 2000

Patchouli, 2000

These skilled artisan workshops gradually disappeared with gentrification, associated rises in rents and rates, wealthier residents, and white-collar local businesses.

BOUTIQUE Patchouli 1985-2000 (women’s clothes, jewellery, toys, cards)

HAIRDRESSER Mowgli 2000-present