146 Regent’s Park Road: Opium, Alcohol and Arsenic

2013 Italian Delicatessen (since 1995)


  • CHEMIST  Edward Groves 1870

The first chemist in the road was Barker at 69 in 1860. However this one at 146 lasted longest.

146 Regent's Park Road

H.G. Alderson, 1972

Victorian chemists sold various powders, distilled elixirs, syrups and herbal essences. Chloroform and laudanum were readily sold, and were used as sedatives, painkillers, and at deathbeds. There were restrictions on the sale of arsenic. For pain and terminal illness, doctors could prescribe only opium or alcohol.

The local poor would have gone to a public dispensary, in Chalk Farm Road or Hawley Crescent.



  • CHEMIST  Thomas Rutter 1875
  • ” Richard Hulme 1880
  • ” Powell & Morgan 1885
  • ”  David Roberts 1890-95

Various patent medicines gradually became available: Eno’s Fruit Salts, Andrew’s Liver Salts, Beecham’s Pills, Vicks Vapor Rub.

  • CHEMIST Francis Moore 1900-30
146 Regent's Park Road 1983

Alderson in 1983

  • CHEMIST Hubert Alderson M.P.S   1935-85

Alderson lived above the shop with his wife. The couple are still well remembered locally, as are the huge old coloured bottles that once stood in the window.

  • DELICATESSEN    Italian delicatessen    1995-present

This business moved here from over the road at 67, where it had started as primarily a wine shop.