136 Regent’s Park Road: Cornelius Grimes, Outfitter

2013 Café / Patisserie


  • CARPENTER  Albert Wythe 1875

The whole Primrose Hill area was nearly fully-developed by 1875, but this carpenter – and the many living in Gloucester Avenue – would still have had plenty of work.

  • JUVENILE OUTFITTERS   Cornelius Grimes   1880-90

The Boys’ Home had come to 115-19 in 1868 and by 1869 had a hundred resident boys who may have been a source of custom. Cornelius Grimes has moved from 83, where he was in 1875. Women’s and girls’ clothes were still often hand-sewn.

  • TAILOR Edward Grimes 1890-1915
136-140 Regent's Park Road

136-140 Regent’s Park Road in 1972

  • PASTRY COOK   Herbert Todd 1925
  • ” Frederick Parsons 1930-40

These cooks would probably have made sweet pies and pastries, so were forerunners to the present Patisserie.

  •  BAKER Mrs E.F. Groom 1950-55

The shop may have been empty during the war, in which case Mrs Groom could have taken over the pastry cooks’ baking ovens.

  • BUILDERS Langton’s 1960

There was a John Langton chimney sweep in Erskine Road in 1889 and a David Langton at 87 from 1915-40. They were all related.

  • BUILDERS Langton’s 1965

[also next door at 138]

  • BUILDERS’ MERCHANTS    Langton’s 1970-80
  • PROPERTY SERVICES Enterprises Ltd 1985

[also next door at 138]

  • CAFÉ Primrose Patisserie 1990-present