123 Regent’s Park Road : The Cubby Hole

 2013 Furniture, plus coffee garden

123 cubby hole

The little shop shown in Virginia Smith’s drawing (2000)  was situated on the north side of Chalk Farm railway bridge. Sited where Tann-Rokka, the furniture shop and florist opposite, has its store for outdoor furniture and pots, it was demolished in about 2000.

  • NEWSAGENT Bernard Varney 1945-60
  • ” Mrs K.L. Manning 1965

Officially a newsagent, this shop was also full of silks, ribbons and fragments of fabric.

  •  NEWSAGENT J.W.Edwards 1970-73
  • CONFECTIONER ”  1975-80
  • VIDEO HIRE & SALE 1985
  • FURNITURE Tann-Rokka              1994-present

From 1945 until about the late 1960s there were more odd-numbered shops, presumably at the bottom of the hill as Regent’s Park Road curves down right towards the Round House: 

123Cubby fuzzy

Newsagent, 1985

  • 149 Wallace Spiers, coal merchant (stables)
  • 151  boot repairer
  • 153  tailor
  • 157  manufacturing upholsterers

There was also once a toy merchant, a net curtain service, and a repairing tailor.