‘Singing while he arranged the fruit’: 51 Regent’s Park Road


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2013 Café History: CONFECTIONER Thomas Masters 1855-60 This was the first confectioner in Primrose Hill. Many others have been and gone in all the local streets.  CONFECTIONER  John Miller 1860-65 “  Mrs Mary Miller 1865-75 “  John Marshall 1880-85 DRESSMAKER Mrs Ada Fooks 1890 CONFECTIONER … Continue reading

63 Regent’s Park Road: ‘Engaged about Animals’


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2013 Hamster Therapist History PRIVATE HOUSE      Edmund Foster Esq.       1856-57 HOUSE AGENT   George Squires 1858 This is perhaps the first estate agent in Primrose Hill. BUILDER  Nicholas Egan  1860 CARVER & GILDER   Joseph Cale 1870 SADDLER Henry Bull 1875-80 Most … Continue reading

Ladies’ Tailors: 67 Regent’s Park Road


Nicolas, French Wine Importers 2013 History :  BOOTMAKER  Joseph Wait  1856-59 GREENGROCER or FRUITERER:                             George Chandler         1860-70 ”                           Mrs Emma Chandler     1875-80 “                           Mrs Marian Cox   … Continue reading