The Primrose Bakery: 69 Gloucester Avenue


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2013 Bakery / Coffee Shop History: CHEMIST Frederick Lovebrand 1861  “  William W. Rhind   1868-1905  “  William Y. Rhind    1910  ARTISTS’ COLORMAN  “ 1922-50  GROCERS Alexander & Brother 1965-72 This was run by an elderly Greek couple, who sold to a  Sicilian family.Cold … Continue reading

The Zoological Dining Rooms: 103 Regent’s Park Road


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2013 Bathroom Showroom History: COFFEE HOUSE 1870-95 (five different proprietors in 20 years, one a woman) At various times there were other dining rooms in Chalcot Road and Gloucester Avenue. DINING ROOMS (eight different proprietors) 1895-1950 ‘Dining rooms’ were down … Continue reading

The Former St Pancras Borough Library: 109 Regent’s Park Road


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2013 Charity shop History: For nearly eighty years the shop alternated between related trades: CONFECTIONER  1870-95   BAKER 1900-05 CONFECTIONER 1910-45 PUBLIC LIBRARY Borough of St Pancras  1947-61 In 1947 the bakery premises were converted to accommodate Chalk Farm Public Library. There were two … Continue reading