The Superintendent’s House: 111 Regent’s Park Road

Various Offices, 2013


  • PRIVATE HOUSE           Essex Villa                       1854
Dating from 1854, this was one of the earlier buildings on Regent’s Park Road.

 It was built near the site of Bianca Lodge, one of the three original houses on the north side of the lane to Chalk Farm Tavern. Bianca Lodge was pulled down in the 1860s to make way for King Henry’s Road to join Regent’s Park Road.


    111 Regent's Park Road 1966

    111 Regent’s Park Road, 1966

(part of the Boys’ Home; see 119)

In the 1880s Essex Villa became the Superintendent’s house.

Many names are listed as living in this house or in the Home: there was always a Master/Superintendent, and various jobmasters, tailors and bootmakers.

  • [various firms and offices]                   1925-present