Chamberlain Street and the Primrose Tavern

Primrose Tavern

The Primrose Tavern in about 1846-53

Chamberlain Street is a cul-de-sac, its blunt end being on the boundary of the old borough of St Pancras. It was built in the mid-1850s, and was originally called Bernard Street. The Primrose Tavern (present no. 75 Regent’s Park Road) predates the rest of the block and figures as an isolated building on the 1849 map. It had been there since about 1846 but was closed in about 1853. 

The premises were taken over by a cow-keeper in about 1857, by which date nos. 69-73 were all occupied.The occupants of nos. 77-87 are not listed in the Directory until later, about 1868.

Primrose Tavern detail